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iPhone sketch for the Mac/PC comm.

Complete: 2008

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After watching Sherlock I wanna crossover with Middleman - something where the two Watsons meet. Anywho this is old - trying out a different style at the time. 

Middleman is an awesome series that I would highly recommend. It was really smart and funny, so it got cancelled.

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There's a companion to this that explains the crossover better. So we have X-files, Mulder and Scully, with House MD, Cuddy. I believe that it was a story about how Mulder thought House was an alien or something, very cracky. I drew it while re-watching X-files.

Complete: 2008

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This is from one of my favorite Fandoms - Mac <3 PC - Do you remember those 30 sec 'Get a Mac' ads there are so many ads that it actually was substantial enough to develop a community. Also between 2006 - 2007(?), John Stewart and Stephen Colbert kept fueling the fandom because John Hodgman was on The Daily Show, in addition, Colbert and Rob Riggle were desperate for an iPhone. Man, I miss this.

Anywho, this was fanart for the only High School AU fic I've ever read. (No Seriously) Now if I could only find it again! Gha! 

This is PC and Texas, (Calculator) it's been a while since I read the story, but I believe they were in Mathletes together. I've got another picture around here with Mac's super artsy friend Wacom. 

All this reminiscing makes me miss this fandom! Now I need to re-read EVERYTHING!

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