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This was from the Man!Self project that happened on DA forever ago, Marscapants Suggested doing it, I never uploaded these. Anywho, this is a drawing of Marscapants' Man!Self.

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This is my Man!Self with Man!Marscapants' - I kinda feel like re-drawing this.

Complete: 2007?

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Birthday Achievement: I'm another year older!

Now I can go back to impatiently waiting for Doctor Who to start!

Speaking of Brits, I saw John Oliver at SXSW! I almost had a chance to speak to him, but a mixture of "chickening out" and the group wanting to leave made it a missed opportunity. (What I was theoretically going to say- "If you have time could you please let chris know 'Fuck you' " - (it's a joke from The Bugle)) It was really exciting, it was kinda weird seeing him as a real person and without a suit, but also So much fun!
So many famous people

I have so many stories from SXSW, I dunno when I'm going to write 'em.

Oh and I started watching this show "Friday Night Dinner" it's a British half hour comedy that takes place during the Family Dinner, on Friday, (For me Sunday Dinner) It's quirky, funny, and very British.

Most importantly it passes the time until MORE DR WHO!

In other news I painted this in photoshop: )

Also I want to see this film, French Immersion:

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Okay so I think that from now on, for Art post, I'll make separate brackets for Live Action, Original, and Animated images. For example; House is a live action show so in the tittle of the post it'll say [LA Art] (LA for Live action) so it will go like this

[LA Art] = Live Action
[Org Art] = Original
[ANU Art] = Animated series
[Dump] = sketch Dump - random and unfinished
[APH Art] = Specific Fandom + Art tag


but here's a WIP:
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I know the last two are strangely big, but it you drag it, the image is all there, and I trying to figure out how to fix it.

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