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Who’s That River Song?
By [personal profile] greenelsewhere 
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: River Song
Music: Who’s That Chick? - David Guetta feat Rihanna
Content notes: Quick cuts, and bright lights, some choppy rendering
Summary: Who is this River Song chick anyway?
notes: Spoilers for all of S6. Best watching WITH headphones (I find it sounds slower without if that makes sense?)
Beta: Also a HUGE Thank you to [personal profile] zulu and [personal profile] bell who cheerleaders with awesome, helpful suggestions and who would watch, re-watch, and re-watch again (but this time only 2 seconds at a time). Thank you both for all your hand holding and excitement, it makes me want to vid more! (PS Sorry it took as long as it did!)


71.99MB .mp4 Sendspace (Minimal Logos)
71.53MB .mp4 Sendspace (Logos)

Password : tardischild

Who's That River Song? from Grelse on Vimeo.

Who's That River Song? from Grelse on YouTube.

Who's That River Song? from Grelse on Vimeo.

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A Mary Poppins/Doctor who Crossover - There will be more of this in the near future.
Totally messed up Amy's Everything. 

Complete: 2010 

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I first started watching Doctor Who in 2009, and I remember thinking "Okay gotta learn how to draw again"

Good times.
I remember drawing this while watching "Blink" because I had to stop the episode repeatedly out of fear - so I drew. 

Complete: 2009

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Martha/Donna Doctor who
I'm always on the look out for good fic between this duo! I don't know why I haven't drawn more of them?

Complete: 2009

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I'm actually rather pleased with how River turned out, but especially (despite the flaws) the gun. I wanna redo this so that the Doctor blends in better and there's more background.

Complete: 26/09/2011

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Birthday Achievement: I'm another year older!

Now I can go back to impatiently waiting for Doctor Who to start!

Speaking of Brits, I saw John Oliver at SXSW! I almost had a chance to speak to him, but a mixture of "chickening out" and the group wanting to leave made it a missed opportunity. (What I was theoretically going to say- "If you have time could you please let chris know 'Fuck you' " - (it's a joke from The Bugle)) It was really exciting, it was kinda weird seeing him as a real person and without a suit, but also So much fun!
So many famous people

I have so many stories from SXSW, I dunno when I'm going to write 'em.

Oh and I started watching this show "Friday Night Dinner" it's a British half hour comedy that takes place during the Family Dinner, on Friday, (For me Sunday Dinner) It's quirky, funny, and very British.

Most importantly it passes the time until MORE DR WHO!

In other news I painted this in photoshop: )

Also I want to see this film, French Immersion:

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So I was catching up with my Podcasts and, while I was listening to Ricky Gervais, I remembered that Comic Relief was not too long ago, which means, DOCTOR WHO SHORT!

Took an even shorter amount of time to find the short.

For anyone who hasn't seen it, it's hilarious.

Case in point:

and part 2

PS I just came back from SXSW and that was amazing.
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These are the reasons I love Doctor Who fandom, the fans are the coolest!

Spoiler warning for DW season 5 Finale )

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