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There's a companion to this that explains the crossover better. So we have X-files, Mulder and Scully, with House MD, Cuddy. I believe that it was a story about how Mulder thought House was an alien or something, very cracky. I drew it while re-watching X-files.

Complete: 2008

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Old face practice for Foreman and House.

Complete: 2007?

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Okay so I think that from now on, for Art post, I'll make separate brackets for Live Action, Original, and Animated images. For example; House is a live action show so in the tittle of the post it'll say [LA Art] (LA for Live action) so it will go like this

[LA Art] = Live Action
[Org Art] = Original
[ANU Art] = Animated series
[Dump] = sketch Dump - random and unfinished
[APH Art] = Specific Fandom + Art tag


but here's a WIP:
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I know the last two are strangely big, but it you drag it, the image is all there, and I trying to figure out how to fix it.
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Something I've come to learn about myself is that posting for me is like a pain in the ass. Mostly 'cause I've come to fear writing, which is bad, more specifically anything pertaining to talking about myself. My trouble is that I talk more eloquently that I write. Generally, I'll write a sentence then give up. My role in discussion and posting (Mostly DA) has been that of a quiet spectator. This role in many ways suits me; However, I think that if I'm going to settle for mediocre that I make the most of this journal as an art focus. I'm going to try to make my posts, when I post feature art work of some kind.

And I'm spent I'm sure I had more to say, but... yeah...

First Older of Business is to catch this journal up on all the old stuff in a series of Art Dumps. Now tomorrow I'll be skiing, so Monday I'll Dump again. (Snigger... It's like I'm twelve again)

EDIT: Jokes on me, Technically it's Sunday, so no extra posting today.

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So Friday I challenged myself to draw six pictures featuring either House, Heroes, or Avatar. With the condition of it must be Girlslash or genderbending. (Or a combo of the two) This was a fun challenge, a little awkward at times, 'cause my relatives kept coming over to me and asking if I drew these picture, -but hey I had to expect it, right?

In the end I got 5 1/2 done. (I attached the two comics)

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