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This is way old, a gift made for a friend, she played Kingdom Hearts and I think was a awaiting the next game or something. I remember she showed me this vid where we ended up expanding on Sora's (?) Love triangle - not with Kairi and Riku, but between his two hands. However, Sora was kind enough to offer to bear Kairi's child - it was something like that.

(I've never played the game so please forgive me if I get the names wrong.)

Complete: 2006 (?)

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I'm actually rather pleased with how River turned out, but especially (despite the flaws) the gun. I wanna redo this so that the Doctor blends in better and there's more background.

Complete: 26/09/2011

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So I was catching up with my Podcasts and, while I was listening to Ricky Gervais, I remembered that Comic Relief was not too long ago, which means, DOCTOR WHO SHORT!

Took an even shorter amount of time to find the short.

For anyone who hasn't seen it, it's hilarious.

Case in point:

and part 2

PS I just came back from SXSW and that was amazing.
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These are the reasons I love Doctor Who fandom, the fans are the coolest!

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Okay so yesterday I saw an add on TV for a film called "Vampires Suck" - this lead to me re-watching the YouTube video "Buffy vs Edward" Eventually I ended up at I heart Vampires, - it's a website which mocks Twilight, it has lead me to a bunch of funny parodies mocking the series. I doubt I'll go see the movie, but I'm happy for what it has brought about.

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In conclusion Twilight is dumb, I'm just glad that there are people who can see this and deal with it in the funniest ways possible.

Thank you!

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