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Paul Gross from "Slings and Arrows" (A Totally Awesome Canadian Mini-Series that gives a Modern re-telling of Shakespeare's work, really funny - very Canadian)

Most People will know Paul Gross from Due South (Another Amazing Canadian TV Show)

I can't find the source image for this, but trust me it's out there!
Also, Paul gross is harder to draw, for some reason, with long hair...

This was Practice for a Crossover piece between Slings and Arrows and Black Swan.

SPOILERS: Black Swan + Season 3 Slings and Arrows

PLOT: Essentially, Nina Lived and recovered but instead of dealing with her feelings for Lily and what happened on Stage, she takes the first Gig offered.
Richard, after hearing about performance of the perfect Swan Queen offers Nina, a role in the newest production of Othello. And, considering the Theater hasn't been doing so well without him, offers Geoffrey a directing job for this one production. From there the story goes on to observe the respective sanities of Nina and Geoffrey.
Also Nahum (Janitor) would play Othello and have a subplot romance with Anna.

The funniest part about this story idea is, why would they make a big deal about hiring a dancer for an acting role, only to turn around and point out that Othello doesn't even have a female lead? - Totally a Richard thing to do, but still...

Completed: 2010

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A few polished pieces among a bunch of WIPs, comparing different versions.

Need to edit the size of these.
Having lost of fun doing the school stuff, so yeah I'm mostly just in observe mode when it comes to the online stuff.

Roommate wants me to dress up for Halloween... Like some exciting... She going as a splicer! I need more enthusiasm.


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Sigh, tired, I haven't left my room yet today because I felt inspired to draw. Unfortunately, I now feel greasy (mostly 'cause I've only been nibbling on these conveniently placed chips, beside me) and my arm is cramping. This means it's time for a break! (And real food) So maybe tonight will be a late one, but hey I'm feeling accomplished! (Minus the feeling of guilt over not really cleaning like I had originally planned... that will be tomorrow's task)
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The weather has started getting warm again which clearly means the weather has no idea how to feel so we get these four season days, begins warm, then snows, then gets super windy, then becomes scorching hot. You know at least winter is consistent in this city!

Going to the family land tomorrow with mom, we're having a mini family reunion where in we spring clean!

Feeling inspired to draw, but I haven't any ideas... Is it time for a CHALLENGE!


I feel like drawing. I think I'll fill up on prompts before we leave then post everything in one go on monday. This will be my goal.

I'm feeling like drawing Avatar, Heroes, and House Fanart. I really wanna draw slash, but this time I'll wanna challenge myself to draw mostly Femslash and Genderbending. (mostly 'cause I haven't done it in forever) Let's see I'll challenge myself to... Six new pictures, two per fandom. Good? Good.


PS Seriously need to make new Icons...

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