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Birthday Achievement: I'm another year older!

Now I can go back to impatiently waiting for Doctor Who to start!

Speaking of Brits, I saw John Oliver at SXSW! I almost had a chance to speak to him, but a mixture of "chickening out" and the group wanting to leave made it a missed opportunity. (What I was theoretically going to say- "If you have time could you please let chris know 'Fuck you' " - (it's a joke from The Bugle)) It was really exciting, it was kinda weird seeing him as a real person and without a suit, but also So much fun!
So many famous people

I have so many stories from SXSW, I dunno when I'm going to write 'em.

Oh and I started watching this show "Friday Night Dinner" it's a British half hour comedy that takes place during the Family Dinner, on Friday, (For me Sunday Dinner) It's quirky, funny, and very British.

Most importantly it passes the time until MORE DR WHO!

In other news I painted this in photoshop: )

Also I want to see this film, French Immersion:

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This maybe out of the blue, but I've been following the Fifa partially out of Hetalia LOLs and because of the Bugle (with John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman) Then I latched on with the Netherlands - partially because I had done a bunch of research on the Netherlands and because I like the Orange Uniforms. been watching finals and such with [profile] bluemoon_lune

Totally sad Netherlands didn't win the world cup, I cheered so hard for them and the Brazil Vs. Ned game was one of the best in the whole match. I'm totally empathizing with the dutch 'cause they have yet to win a world cup - despite being a top team. Between Spain and Netherlands the Dutch team is more enjoyable to watch 'cause they're much more graceful. Although the Spanish were dominant in this last game but Netherlands held strong long into over time.

Overall it was a tough game that both teams played well so there's no resentment.

Except against Paul - what an Asshat!
John Oliver is right, Cephalopods suck.

In other news I've been working nights, - the work is pretty relaxed and my co-workers are the friendliest people ever, but the problem is that I just can't get used to sleeping during the day, so I'm consistently tired. I've got like seven pic to upload, but I'm too zombie to upload right now.

Had pancake breakfast this morning - can't go two blocks in this city without bumping into one. Scored seconds twas awesome.

PS just learned that the Toronto FCs just beat... Some other team... The point is Canada has a Soccer Team - surprise!
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This was one of my favourite Canada Days. In short a great family bonding kind of day. Mom, Blu, myself, and Callum volunteered to face paint for Dad's Canada celebration. (Callum's job was to be cute, he did it well!)

Dad's love of Canada and trains blends together every July 1st, and this year is no exception; although, his year Dad had the honour of being the Fireman. The train trip is an all day experience, but the drive to get to the station is three hours, so we left a day early. It was not the easiest to get out of town, we had to finish packing, pick-up my 17 month old nephew, Callum, and eat. It was difficult, but it went fairly smoothly.

On the Canada Day morning we dressed Callum in his Olympic Canada shirt (so cute!) but we had to change before we left because he got a bowl of porridge on himself and well... He was rather sticky.

The rest of the day in the other town was relaxed and goofy, as we painted ourselves and others, (With some great paints - like high quality!) while trading off to play with Callum.

On the way back I read The Curse of Chalion. (partially aloud and the rest to myself)

After Callum went home in the evening I went to IFWA with Mom. Then we went to the Bar. Then we went home to read aloud to each other out of the same book.

That's about it.

I'm getting too drowsy to write so please excuse errors!

There was a Train, I was a tiger, and then it ended with a literary discussion.

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