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Just got back from Fringe Festival, plan to go again on Friday if everything lines up well, Saw an excellent play which reminded me of Dr Zhivago. (the old one; the remake sucks) Mom's old theater friend was in it and we all caught up after the show.

Oh and ex-Boy friend was working there, I'm happy to see him again - and he's in yet another relationship, so he's doing great. (Trust me, it's when he's not being a serial monogamist that you worry) The group plans to meet up later for proper story exchanges.

Went dirt biking with dad and blue, it's also blue birthday tomorrow and I need to finish my picture.

Need to post art, but totally dreading it - too much focus needed.

Watching How I met your Mother on the recommendation of my bro and sis-inlaw it's quite funny and I especially like the group dynamic - been watching everything out of order.

Having a lovely busy time getting ready for school again, unfortunately I've fallen behind on drawing.

with try to remember to edit later.
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This maybe out of the blue, but I've been following the Fifa partially out of Hetalia LOLs and because of the Bugle (with John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman) Then I latched on with the Netherlands - partially because I had done a bunch of research on the Netherlands and because I like the Orange Uniforms. been watching finals and such with [profile] bluemoon_lune

Totally sad Netherlands didn't win the world cup, I cheered so hard for them and the Brazil Vs. Ned game was one of the best in the whole match. I'm totally empathizing with the dutch 'cause they have yet to win a world cup - despite being a top team. Between Spain and Netherlands the Dutch team is more enjoyable to watch 'cause they're much more graceful. Although the Spanish were dominant in this last game but Netherlands held strong long into over time.

Overall it was a tough game that both teams played well so there's no resentment.

Except against Paul - what an Asshat!
John Oliver is right, Cephalopods suck.

In other news I've been working nights, - the work is pretty relaxed and my co-workers are the friendliest people ever, but the problem is that I just can't get used to sleeping during the day, so I'm consistently tired. I've got like seven pic to upload, but I'm too zombie to upload right now.

Had pancake breakfast this morning - can't go two blocks in this city without bumping into one. Scored seconds twas awesome.

PS just learned that the Toronto FCs just beat... Some other team... The point is Canada has a Soccer Team - surprise!
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This was one of my favourite Canada Days. In short a great family bonding kind of day. Mom, Blu, myself, and Callum volunteered to face paint for Dad's Canada celebration. (Callum's job was to be cute, he did it well!)

Dad's love of Canada and trains blends together every July 1st, and this year is no exception; although, his year Dad had the honour of being the Fireman. The train trip is an all day experience, but the drive to get to the station is three hours, so we left a day early. It was not the easiest to get out of town, we had to finish packing, pick-up my 17 month old nephew, Callum, and eat. It was difficult, but it went fairly smoothly.

On the Canada Day morning we dressed Callum in his Olympic Canada shirt (so cute!) but we had to change before we left because he got a bowl of porridge on himself and well... He was rather sticky.

The rest of the day in the other town was relaxed and goofy, as we painted ourselves and others, (With some great paints - like high quality!) while trading off to play with Callum.

On the way back I read The Curse of Chalion. (partially aloud and the rest to myself)

After Callum went home in the evening I went to IFWA with Mom. Then we went to the Bar. Then we went home to read aloud to each other out of the same book.

That's about it.

I'm getting too drowsy to write so please excuse errors!

There was a Train, I was a tiger, and then it ended with a literary discussion.
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My little Sis is awesome, she took me to see a How to Train your Dragon, in 3D no less! (Mom came too!) One of the films I've been dying to see.

And it was just as awesome as expected! Then again I so rarely see movies these days I didn't expect I would get to see it in theatres, so I didn't psych myself up too much. I love that I didn't know the main obstacle or the resulting conflict and I really love the little end twist. Here Dreamworks is really observing and adapting with the standards Pixar has set, and yet they approach it from their own creative standpoint. Whether consciously or sub-conconciously the audience tends to pick -up on the subtle movements of the actors on screen, an animator must do the same thing with the characters they build, when the movement is successful the audience feelings are strengthened towards that character, you could say we feel sympathetic. One of my favourite definitions of art was from an elder Inuit woman who described like "Take something real, make it unreal so that it can be more real then it ever was before." I'm paraphrasing, but the message is the same. Pixar has the marker for success and Dreamworks knows this and seems intent on building to their own standard, but with their own style; "Monsters vs Aliens" and "How to train your Dragon"are good examples of how they're settin their now foundation. The animation is astounding, while the stories, are reinvented ideas tand add new twists which changes the whole way we saw the old truisms.

tired now.

Today I babysat my nephew, he is so smart! we ran around all day!

I had three nose bleeds today, all the dry whether, I think. (Still, not common for me)

I'm getting the worst Headaches ever since Friday, and I am convinced this is being caused by my stiff neck.What really sets it off is rapid noise and light change, but if the lighting and noise are consistent I can manage.


Movies I'm still dying to see:

1. Gunless (I have tried to see this movie on eight separate occasions and something always came up to change the plans, now I have to drive out of the city if I want to see it, I'm still determined)
2. The Trotsky (OMG Colm Feore from Bon cop, Bad Cop! Just.. Canadian actors... Glee!)
3. Iron Man 2 (Because, yes, man... I'm a sucker for a well choreographed fight scene)

Side story, saw a new Shyamalan's AtLA trailer, thingy, and had a momentary lapse in judgement. Their fight scenes look kick-ass and made me really want to go. I object to the film on the grounds of whitewashing, so no, not going to spend the monies. I feel like I've betrayed a Lisa the Lion hearted because Malibu Stacy got a new hat. (/Simpsons reference)

I hear Kick-ass is good, but I'm unconvinced - may see in the Cheap theatres, maybe.

PS I liked Repo Men, It's a little heavy on the gore in a way that just gets monotonous, also the character motives seem questionable, but I like the Sci-fi qualities the film carries and the acting was better then expected!
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Literally, back from the emergency room, had a CTscan and a Lumbar puncture. (They had to do the lumbar twice 'cause the first one didn't go in quite right) Doc said I had an A-typical Migraine, but that doesn't explain the fainting, and this maybe part of a new life long pattern emerging so I should go back if the same thing happens again. Went in at 11:10 PM, got out this morning at 7:00 AM - Intermittent sleep all night. They thought I might have had meningitis. As far as they can tell now, I'm healthy, so yay.

I have seven finished pictures that I'll get my sister to update for me. (And a bunch of sketches to LJ)

Having trouble sitting up. Though, standing isn't bad.

I'll try to explain more later.

I love you Mom thank you for staying with me all night, I bet that's not how you expected to spend mother's day weekend.
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I was planning to post something substantial all week, but I went on a hike today with mom and her staff. Now, I'm too tired to think straight!

Super fun hike,

Steep, then muddy, then snowy, then slippery then at the top then went down, repeat. I know that sounds sarcastic, but it's not! I had a fun time thinking and chatting away, and the hike was lovely. We went from 9am till... 4:30pm, we took it slow, but I didn't mind. I think the trail was up to Lady McDonald's Abandoned Tea House.

Note to self, fix multiple holes in boots.

(Again not being sarcastic)

And, no, I'm still looking for a summer JORB, thanks for asking!

Need sleep now, falling over...
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Been watching the Olympic Games fairly diligently and just discussing the excitement with my younger Sister.

In fact Today (being that it's the last day... for another 15 minutes) I figure it would be a Shame not to comment on the happenings.

Like watching the Hockey game desperately and Freaking out with Excitement after winning! It was so loud in our neighbourhood that you could hear people cheering from other houses!

I called up [personal profile] periariyx just to squee! (PS thanks for the ride!)

Family came over and we all watched the closing ceremonies! The whole thing was so funny and light hearted, the casual nature was the perfect wrap up to the events!

I'm watching the closing Gala right now and there's this Kid who was dressed up like Urkel was was so cute! And I really love Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir's dance! And that Russian Team with the girl from Japan, I wanna say SHABALIN Maxim Shabalin and Oksana Domnina? I loved the gymnastics. Really enjoyed the whole gala!

Today the Olympics were the highlights. Other wise I was just cleaning.

On an unrelated note:

A) Shout out to [personal profile] zulu / [personal profile] bell, I thought something was making you super happy, [personal profile] zulu, also... Other stuff. Have fun you crazy kids!

B) The government wants me to Register for Voting! YAY!

C) So tired. Going to bed now.
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No seriously, where? I can't buy them on campus anywhere.

I find it strange that they don't sell the poppies for Remembrance Day here at the University. I can't ever recall a year that the school I attended didn't have a poppies; and while this year is no exception, I am confused by this decision not to sell the poppies on campus. To be fair University is a different class of Education, it's not a public institute, so perhaps it's just a weird government thing. Still I find it unnerving that even when I went to the cafeteria or the campus Timmies that there was no box.

The lack poppies seems so surreal to me that I felt the necessity to post. Shocking I know. Hear me out, for the last year life has taken over in the most wonderful way. Where perhaps a shyness and self-conscious nature has prevented me from writing, now for past year has been a year of growth and independence. Still lingering feelings of self-doubt surround my thoughts when I want to post. There have been numerous post left unfinished, unwritten, or lost. I only feel a mild guilt for those posts, mostly for not adhering to some personal goal. Today I found myself reflecting on this, and I ultimately decided that while before I would rationalize my decision not to post with an excuse or some notion that what I want to say is so unoriginal it's not worth the time I spend writing it. Today my head is clear and I feel the need to post, perhaps this time I can keep my focus till the end of this entry. I feel my subject today is important at least to me it is. This year is a first of many things, including a School without Poppies.

It's repetitive theme, I've never really known how attached I was to these poppies until they were gone. I learned that the University had abandoned their Poppies yesterday after asking a classmate where on the campus could I find one. She tells me that there was some movement not long ago that featured the resentment of these poppies and how by wearing them we support war. As she put it, "They were just saying we shouldn't support our Veterans because they didn't do anything for us." (From here the conversation diverged on the subject of the White Poppies in England) Now having heard this second hand the message is skewed and I won't pass judgement until I have read these essays. Yet, the by not selling these poppies anywhere across the campus we see that the University Intentionally or not is making the task of finding one these Poppies. To me this sends a message, I can interpret the message many ways, but I wonder what the true intent was.

I wonder if they associate the Poppy to all Veterans and they choose to make a political point about the War in Afghanistan. I wonder if it was just the fault of bad organization, I've seen it before, they just forgot to make that phone call to get the poppies here on time.

Perhaps this school is too young to care, this day off school is No longer a time mourn the dead, it's just a day off. I am just as guilty as anyone of this crime, tomorrow I've chosen to watch Oz, not really the most sincere message of gratitude I can give. I guilt for not finding a Poppy to wear a week earlier as tradition usually dictates. I feel clumsy and wrong trying to word my feelings on how I feel, at this sad and awkward time. I don't want to make a fuss stirring something more political than it needs to be, this time for me is one of humbleness, to lower our pride and remember our mistakes to remember who suffered for them. For them I am sorry I'll make my actions in the future change them from previous generations, I will do the best I can to remember always- to be wise and thoughtful of my choices.

On the subject of Poppies, please correct me if I am wrong.

For about a week ago I started a searching for the hidden stash of poppies that I was sure existed if only because I saw others wearing the poppies. I eventually found them in the convenient store off campus, I bought three Poppies. I wear one now with pride and respect, not war but for the hope of better choice, for those Men and Women Canadian or not who died in the event of war, they died needlessly and tragically. I humbled by their sacrifice and grateful in never having to see a battle field, or of facing death.

For this I wear the poppy and I remember.
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I've decided to be in shape, and social. Nothing new, just doing it in a new school now. I've joined the Rock Climbing Club and I guy I met knows about my grandpa. (He was a climber) Then I feel off the caving wall. I'm finding it fun, but now I can't feel my arms. Now there's tape around my blisters, as a result I may not climb tomorrow. Instead laundry!

Funny story, met [profile] iceiwynd a while ago and today we sat on her bed skyping. (You know rather than strain our speaking muscles) Some dudes were running around the halls being idiots and we both comment on this. A second later we turn to see a Deer outside and we squeed about the deer.

I've really been enjoying my CBC podcasts.

Flash Forward was on tonight, and Thank you [profile] iceiwynd for getting that for me! Also you are a crazy fast typist.

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Last Friday I went to the Lethbridge GLBT film festival.

It's a funny story, being new to this city a lot happened at once, but two things stand out for this story. The first is that I've met a bunch of new people, the second, I've been sick with something that's like the cold, but it makes me dizzy. The last two weeks every friend I made I've also infected, though if they live doesn't that just strengthen our friendship? (I'm sure that must be how biology works)

Art classes is a six hour class, and luckily the profs are humanitarians so every hour and half, we get about fifteen minutes to wander. By the second of these breaks I met someone and she was hilarious and we got to talking. She mentioned that she had a film in this film festival and it sounded exciting so I said that I would go.

It's good that I did go, I was considering not because I was getting supper dizzy and sleepy.

I really enjoyed myself. I found the transit here is great and the drivers are super helpful. I met up with [personal profile] troutkitty and [personal profile] daemonluna And they are just the greatest for commentary. Also free candy! Yes, that's right they gave out free candy, pop corn, and multi-coloured juice. It didn't take me long to get hoarding! (It also didn't take long for me to start eating, but that's besides the point)

The films themselves were quite varied in quality, let's see. The first one was just so cute and funny, it was about these two girls who are meeting on a blind date, the film was in spanish with subtitles. Next was a student film from the Vancouver Film school, it's about this boy who is on a bus and unable to talk to his crush, for me it was a lovely idea but it missed its emotional connection with me. Then a documentary about how difficult and dangerous it can be to have ID that has a gender on it, it was interesting but the visual was repetitive. The next one was about a young girl from I think Hong Kong who was uncomfortable as a girl, it was very bitter sweet. Then there was one where the guy meets this elder couple while on holiday and they tour together, but the old man keeps trying to hook him up with his daughter, that was a cute fun one that reminded me of NFB.

Then I watched the one that the girl from my art class made, and man was that ever a riot. It was so funny, I wanna re-watch that one. It was by far my favourite. Sadly I did not have a chance to tell her how much I enjoyed myself, because my ride was leaving and I had too much sugar and I was incoherent and twitchy. (Though the sugar did suppress the sick feelings I was having) I plan on telling her next class, though.

There were a couple films that did not rate quite so high... The one that comes to mind seemed more like a home video, rather than a film... For a film festival... Just say'n. Also I didn't catch the significance of the last video of the evening... I'm sure there's a reference to something, but I didn't recognize the song. Any way it was odd full frontal nudity dancing done in inversed colours.

In the end good times were had, met up with friends and got candy. Also I think getting out of rez help my quick recovery from what ever I was infected with.

PS I just noticed this is also my 100th LJ post. I really need to post more.

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