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Birthday Achievement: I'm another year older!

Now I can go back to impatiently waiting for Doctor Who to start!

Speaking of Brits, I saw John Oliver at SXSW! I almost had a chance to speak to him, but a mixture of "chickening out" and the group wanting to leave made it a missed opportunity. (What I was theoretically going to say- "If you have time could you please let chris know 'Fuck you' " - (it's a joke from The Bugle)) It was really exciting, it was kinda weird seeing him as a real person and without a suit, but also So much fun!
So many famous people

I have so many stories from SXSW, I dunno when I'm going to write 'em.

Oh and I started watching this show "Friday Night Dinner" it's a British half hour comedy that takes place during the Family Dinner, on Friday, (For me Sunday Dinner) It's quirky, funny, and very British.

Most importantly it passes the time until MORE DR WHO!

In other news I painted this in photoshop: )

Also I want to see this film, French Immersion:

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My little Sis is awesome, she took me to see a How to Train your Dragon, in 3D no less! (Mom came too!) One of the films I've been dying to see.

And it was just as awesome as expected! Then again I so rarely see movies these days I didn't expect I would get to see it in theatres, so I didn't psych myself up too much. I love that I didn't know the main obstacle or the resulting conflict and I really love the little end twist. Here Dreamworks is really observing and adapting with the standards Pixar has set, and yet they approach it from their own creative standpoint. Whether consciously or sub-conconciously the audience tends to pick -up on the subtle movements of the actors on screen, an animator must do the same thing with the characters they build, when the movement is successful the audience feelings are strengthened towards that character, you could say we feel sympathetic. One of my favourite definitions of art was from an elder Inuit woman who described like "Take something real, make it unreal so that it can be more real then it ever was before." I'm paraphrasing, but the message is the same. Pixar has the marker for success and Dreamworks knows this and seems intent on building to their own standard, but with their own style; "Monsters vs Aliens" and "How to train your Dragon"are good examples of how they're settin their now foundation. The animation is astounding, while the stories, are reinvented ideas tand add new twists which changes the whole way we saw the old truisms.

tired now.

Today I babysat my nephew, he is so smart! we ran around all day!

I had three nose bleeds today, all the dry whether, I think. (Still, not common for me)

I'm getting the worst Headaches ever since Friday, and I am convinced this is being caused by my stiff neck.What really sets it off is rapid noise and light change, but if the lighting and noise are consistent I can manage.


Movies I'm still dying to see:

1. Gunless (I have tried to see this movie on eight separate occasions and something always came up to change the plans, now I have to drive out of the city if I want to see it, I'm still determined)
2. The Trotsky (OMG Colm Feore from Bon cop, Bad Cop! Just.. Canadian actors... Glee!)
3. Iron Man 2 (Because, yes, man... I'm a sucker for a well choreographed fight scene)

Side story, saw a new Shyamalan's AtLA trailer, thingy, and had a momentary lapse in judgement. Their fight scenes look kick-ass and made me really want to go. I object to the film on the grounds of whitewashing, so no, not going to spend the monies. I feel like I've betrayed a Lisa the Lion hearted because Malibu Stacy got a new hat. (/Simpsons reference)

I hear Kick-ass is good, but I'm unconvinced - may see in the Cheap theatres, maybe.

PS I liked Repo Men, It's a little heavy on the gore in a way that just gets monotonous, also the character motives seem questionable, but I like the Sci-fi qualities the film carries and the acting was better then expected!

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