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Been watching the Olympic Games fairly diligently and just discussing the excitement with my younger Sister.

In fact Today (being that it's the last day... for another 15 minutes) I figure it would be a Shame not to comment on the happenings.

Like watching the Hockey game desperately and Freaking out with Excitement after winning! It was so loud in our neighbourhood that you could hear people cheering from other houses!

I called up [personal profile] periariyx just to squee! (PS thanks for the ride!)

Family came over and we all watched the closing ceremonies! The whole thing was so funny and light hearted, the casual nature was the perfect wrap up to the events!

I'm watching the closing Gala right now and there's this Kid who was dressed up like Urkel was was so cute! And I really love Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir's dance! And that Russian Team with the girl from Japan, I wanna say SHABALIN Maxim Shabalin and Oksana Domnina? I loved the gymnastics. Really enjoyed the whole gala!

Today the Olympics were the highlights. Other wise I was just cleaning.

On an unrelated note:

A) Shout out to [personal profile] zulu / [personal profile] bell, I thought something was making you super happy, [personal profile] zulu, also... Other stuff. Have fun you crazy kids!

B) The government wants me to Register for Voting! YAY!

C) So tired. Going to bed now.
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Reading Week has started! Reading week is like the Canadian equivalent to the American Spring Break, except with out the Spring-to-summer conditions, beach parties, and (to my knowledge) not at the same time. But we've got skiing which is always my preferred Leisure sport.

I didn't realize how stressed I was getting at school till yesterday when I got a case of stress sickness. I find if I start getting stressed about something I can keep myself calm and functioning until the next major lull in work, then I get super sick for one day and on and off crappy for the following week. Then I'm good. So yeah yesterday was mind numbingly terrible I was feeling so bad I slept in till 3:45PM then suffered for a few hours laying on the couch watching the Olympics, before going to back to bed.

Today I feel slightly better, but very little energy, just mostly watching the Olympics. (PS we totally got a Gold! FTW!)

Must feel better by tomorrow... I'm going skiing!

Need to Bed now...

(PS internet is still finicky, sigh)

(PS 2 Happy Valentines day! Apparently Love is up in Canada, so says Reports they keep going on about during commercial breaks.)

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