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Just got back from Fringe Festival, plan to go again on Friday if everything lines up well, Saw an excellent play which reminded me of Dr Zhivago. (the old one; the remake sucks) Mom's old theater friend was in it and we all caught up after the show.

Oh and ex-Boy friend was working there, I'm happy to see him again - and he's in yet another relationship, so he's doing great. (Trust me, it's when he's not being a serial monogamist that you worry) The group plans to meet up later for proper story exchanges.

Went dirt biking with dad and blue, it's also blue birthday tomorrow and I need to finish my picture.

Need to post art, but totally dreading it - too much focus needed.

Watching How I met your Mother on the recommendation of my bro and sis-inlaw it's quite funny and I especially like the group dynamic - been watching everything out of order.

Having a lovely busy time getting ready for school again, unfortunately I've fallen behind on drawing.

with try to remember to edit later.
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I've made a resolution, and it's time to put it into action. I've decided on two New Years resolutions, (and one one backup if I fail) surprisingly I've found my first goal to be easier than the second. My first goal was to be on time to every class, (5 minutes early if possible) I have such a difficulty with time management that this felt very important to me to accomplish. So far I've done exactly as I've said and I've got an effective routine to keep this going, so I'm confident.

My second goal is a little has to do more with why, if you haven't noticed, I've changed my username. I want to be more confident with my comments and posts. One of my excuses was to not want to be associated with my older username when all my other accounts where under [personal profile] greenelsewhere, in order to encourage me I've made a clean break from the old name. So today was the day I got the name. [ profile] grelse

-Just a thought the fact that I've been kinda slow about posting resolution does this mean I've simultaneously failed my two real resolutions?

My backup is a paradox, after a dinner with friends we joked that if we resolve to fail our resolution then we'll be stuck in the middle, thus giving us a head start on next year's resolution.

Happy Belated New Years Every one of us!
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True story

Just finished filming this movie for Art class, we were super creative! (more or less) At this point it made more sense to trying drawing what happened than using word.

Tee Hee.

Seriously we had a script and everthing!
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