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This is a Vague Firefly/Supernatural Crossover (Marscapants and I were big on 'em at one time)

Anywho, River is looking into the mirror and seeing Sam and Dean fight Bloody Mary from s1 ep05. This episode freaked me out bad! 

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Something I've come to learn about myself is that posting for me is like a pain in the ass. Mostly 'cause I've come to fear writing, which is bad, more specifically anything pertaining to talking about myself. My trouble is that I talk more eloquently that I write. Generally, I'll write a sentence then give up. My role in discussion and posting (Mostly DA) has been that of a quiet spectator. This role in many ways suits me; However, I think that if I'm going to settle for mediocre that I make the most of this journal as an art focus. I'm going to try to make my posts, when I post feature art work of some kind.

And I'm spent I'm sure I had more to say, but... yeah...

First Older of Business is to catch this journal up on all the old stuff in a series of Art Dumps. Now tomorrow I'll be skiing, so Monday I'll Dump again. (Snigger... It's like I'm twelve again)

EDIT: Jokes on me, Technically it's Sunday, so no extra posting today.

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