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Went to go see Star Trek again today, this time with family and friends. This time I also took note which I'll post later, there are some that I want to make funny (-re?) and draw.

Also it was fun to slash 'em all, but I've noticed a distinct lack of Nurse Chapel... Ah well I've always been a Kirk/Spock slasher at heart, and the current relationship isn't bad either.

Now I wanna read fic...

No I want to go to bed, wake up tomorrow and read fic.

On a completely different note they have sneak peek photos of "The Last Airbender" out and it's really making the vast majority of fandom unhappy. Here for a direct link to the article and Here for the unified cries of fans yelling "FAIL" and "I'm watching you! But I'm withholding judgement until it get released!" All together it's an awkward kind of sound.


Note to self upload that pile of uncoloured fanart I found.

Also draw more Star Trek, House, and Avatar stuff.
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Still working even though everyone else seems to have left... Fridays that day when the computer lab is the quietest and I get the most work completed. Nonetheless I need to be heading home now, so I can get ready to go out with "Phil" and Friends to see Star Trek! "Phil" is actually making diner tonight! Some kind of crazy recepy that calls for coconut milk... Hmm, I wonder if its cake...

Actually I'll leave now, I have my header, pages, and drop menu completed, I'll assemble later, Dreamweaver and I have never truely seen eye-to-eye. (And yet, Flash and Fireworks have really been warming up to me.)

...I'm going home now before the applications start talking to me.
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I'm excited for Star Trek, I will be seeing the movie today in less than 10 hours! I'm going with friends and considering freaking them out by dressing up... Though, I maybe shunned I still like the idea.

I'm in need of icons, I may do that tomorrow.

Also planning out Mother's Day dinner for 15 guests, I think I've nearly completed my list of stuff to buy, but I keep thinking that we need another main dish, something that goes well with rice and my pork dish... Possibly another veggie dish and one meat? Hmm...

Also considering making a fruity alcohol drink...

It's hard to know, 'cause I don't know who else will be bringing food.

Note to self post that artwork... tomorrow.

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