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[Interwebs] The lego brick and Sparkles

Okay so yesterday I saw an add on TV for a film called "Vampires Suck" - this lead to me re-watching the YouTube video "Buffy vs Edward" Eventually I ended up at I heart Vampires, - it's a website which mocks Twilight, it has lead me to a bunch of funny parodies mocking the series. I doubt I'll go see the movie, but I'm happy for what it has brought about.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

This is for [profile] goldie_girl because I you've read the book - and I believe you said is wasn't bad. Either way I'd see this film.

This looks like a way better film - an all star cast free-for-all vamp battle Royal!

The timing in this makes me laugh every time

Seeing this was the first time I'd actually seen this trailer, I can't believe Dakota Fanning would agree to be in this film.

I had expected something like this from Onion news network.

I saw this last year - but still funny.

Paul Picks up lame side jobs after FIFA, how degrading, note: don't double cross German Team.

Lastly - this one will take some time to get through because he does every chapter, but it's worth it! If you haven't read Twilight this gives you all the key details and snarky commentary. Bonus, He's British.

College Humour has done a bunch of funny parodies as well.

In conclusion Twilight is dumb, I'm just glad that there are people who can see this and deal with it in the funniest ways possible.

Thank you!

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