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This is a Vague Firefly/Supernatural Crossover (Marscapants and I were big on 'em at one time)

Anywho, River is looking into the mirror and seeing Sam and Dean fight Bloody Mary from s1 ep05. This episode freaked me out bad! 

Complete: 2006

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This is way old, a gift made for a friend, she played Kingdom Hearts and I think was a awaiting the next game or something. I remember she showed me this vid where we ended up expanding on Sora's (?) Love triangle - not with Kairi and Riku, but between his two hands. However, Sora was kind enough to offer to bear Kairi's child - it was something like that.

(I've never played the game so please forgive me if I get the names wrong.)

Complete: 2006 (?)

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I'm actually rather pleased with how River turned out, but especially (despite the flaws) the gun. I wanna redo this so that the Doctor blends in better and there's more background.

Complete: 26/09/2011

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A few polished pieces among a bunch of WIPs, comparing different versions.

Need to edit the size of these.
Having lost of fun doing the school stuff, so yeah I'm mostly just in observe mode when it comes to the online stuff.

Roommate wants me to dress up for Halloween... Like some exciting... She going as a splicer! I need more enthusiasm.


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I'm a lying liar face, never believe me when I say I'm going to update my LJ, for that is a lie, as things go.

Currently watching Doctor Who with [personal profile] daemonluna and [personal profile] troutkitty!

There's that update, now I should update my sketches, then new stuff. Tonight, no... But eventually, yes!

Right now I'm feeling nostalgic, because in many ways I'm Scrap booking my fanart history, it's really weird looking at the old stuff.

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So Friday I challenged myself to draw six pictures featuring either House, Heroes, or Avatar. With the condition of it must be Girlslash or genderbending. (Or a combo of the two) This was a fun challenge, a little awkward at times, 'cause my relatives kept coming over to me and asking if I drew these picture, -but hey I had to expect it, right?

In the end I got 5 1/2 done. (I attached the two comics)

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