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Birthdate:Apr 2
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I like to draw. I tend to keep to myself a lot of the time, though from time to time I tend to speak up and post something. I do try and keep up with my journal as much as possible, though from time to time I forget to update. (Sometimes for weeks at a time) Usually this comes from the fact that I have a very active extracurricular schedule in addition to full time university courses. I try to always reply to comments as soon as I can, and I enjoy getting comments!

What I really like to do is, draw fanart, (Mostly crossover/fusion art, comical scenes, and cartoony doodles) make fanvids, and read fic. I rarely write fic myself, but often I do play with ideas and stories in my head, fragments of these unwritten bunnies can be seen on many of my scrap drawings.


Okay, within the last year I’ve collected multiple fandoms, through friends and general interest; however, while I have familiarity with them they are not the main fandoms I currently enjoy. Nonetheless, they maybe show up in crossovers or as references.

Currently my focusses lie in the fandoms

Hetalia Amusing references to history... It sucked me in. An unconventional fandom which has brought me back to Anime, something I never expected.

Star Trek TOS re-imagined and a fandom rebooted.

Avatar I watched Avatar and was blown away by how amazing it was, the diversity and social consciousness of the series is impressive, plus I like sarcasm! I'm less excited for the movie.

Heroes I found Heroes I found I really liked the way the individual stories interweave and aren't completely dependent on each other. I like the plot (Seanson One), characters, and the predictions! While it's lost a bit of it's classic zeal, I'm still waiting patiently for the writers to put Matt, Mohinder, and Molly back together.

Bellow are the fandoms which I enjoy, but just less frequently

The Middleman I jumped right into Middleman when [profile] queenzulu brought over the first nine episodes from [community profile] vividcon. (2008) It was a laugh riot with a cool combination of character types! Not to mention a plot that is really intelligent! This is my favourite banter and variety fandom. I can't wait for the DVDs!

Supernatural For a while a [profile] platypus_dreams and another friend were independently trying to get me to watch Supernatural. I lasted until the end of the WGA strike. Since then it has become one of my big crossover/fusion, plot, horror, serious and silly fandoms. ALSO SEE: Reaper, (The happy version of Supernatural) X-files (Buddy/Buddy)

House MD was recommended to me. This is my fandom for zingers. There's anyone doing anyone else subtext drama and behind that a patient is coughing up a lung drama! And all the while it's dramatically funny! ALSO SEE: Due South (detectives and writers)

Stargate Atlantis This is a great crack fandom! Love the characters! ALSO SEE: Firefly/Serenity (Military/Westerns and Crossover)

Mac/PC "Get a Mac" Who could have thought a Fandom could be created on so little? Slashers that's who! Mac/PC is my crack!fandom, and it's full of wonderful writers and artists, not bad for a series of commercials with each episode only spanding 30 seconds long.


I usually feel the most comfortable friending, well friends. A lot of the time that means I know them in real life, but when I do work up the courage to take the initiative I tend to friend writers and artists. This is especially true when I find a writer or artist who is consistently great.

If someone wants to friend me I will initially friend back, and, as I mentioned, I friend friends. Although, I reserve right to defriend unexpectedly and at random, if I feel the need.
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