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Wow, half a year since posting! Congratulations to me, that's a new personal best. However, a new (school) year means another year to work on conquering my life long difficulties with time management and organization. The Livejournal and Dreamwidth networks have been particularily troublesome for me to "succeed" with despite how much I use them.

Now, six moths ago SXSW introduced me to Tumblr, at first I was concerned that I would have a similar experience to LJ and DW, but now I'm rebloging regularily and posting new things every day. Seeing my success on tumblr makes me want to do something similar for Livejournal. What I found was most helpful was the queue because I can spend one day every two weeks filling the queue and then I can be consistent without actually being consistent. Which makes the previous, manual process, less intimidating.

Tumblr is great for many things, but the reading/writing is better on LJ and DW, so I want to keep these accounts, but you know in a way that is easy for me to maintain them. Unfortunately, I haven't found a queueing program/site that really stands out, but I've decided to try Semagic. I'm going to use it to post weekly and see how that goes.

Now if I could find a way to queue for DA I'd be set, no wait! If I had a program for every one of my social networks then I'd be set!

Wish me luck!
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Went to go see Star Trek again today, this time with family and friends. This time I also took note which I'll post later, there are some that I want to make funny (-re?) and draw.

Also it was fun to slash 'em all, but I've noticed a distinct lack of Nurse Chapel... Ah well I've always been a Kirk/Spock slasher at heart, and the current relationship isn't bad either.

Now I wanna read fic...

No I want to go to bed, wake up tomorrow and read fic.

On a completely different note they have sneak peek photos of "The Last Airbender" out and it's really making the vast majority of fandom unhappy. Here for a direct link to the article and Here for the unified cries of fans yelling "FAIL" and "I'm watching you! But I'm withholding judgement until it get released!" All together it's an awkward kind of sound.


Note to self upload that pile of uncoloured fanart I found.

Also draw more Star Trek, House, and Avatar stuff.
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posted by greenelsewhere at 10:19pm on 03/05/2009

It's finally spring, you can totally feel it! That threat of snow is finally just a threat of rain, which is fine by me, I'm ready for the warm weather this year. (Though maybe not the hot weather... Summer I've got my eye on you!)

This was such a fun weekend for me! Friday, I went out with, let's call him Phil, for a date night. After he finished his tech rehearsal we went down to Fish Creek Park. It was a lovely evening, warm and bright with no bugs. He showed me a place where he used to play as a kid, although the water had risen since then, so it was harder to get to. This wasn't a problem for me I just took off my shoes and waded across the the river. (It seems that years of skiing have permanently numbed my feet, Phil was not so lucky)

After our walk we headed back to his house and watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail, because I hadn't seen it the whole movie. It was very funny, as can be expected. I especially liked the bit about the shrubbery.

On Saturday I got organized, I cleaned up my desk while learning more about the racebending debate, for Aang-ain't-white. I've concluded that Viacom is fail times two. (Seriously Viacom, we just got settled after the WGA strike, and then this happens!) So now I think I'll start Drawing fanart to address the situation on DA.

In the Evening Phil and I met up with friends for our "War Council Meeting" for planning our summer camping trip and stuff. The whole affair was hilarious, good times were had by all!

Today, er, the Sunday, I finished cleaning up my room and Went on a hike with Mom, zulu, and Mom's Staff. Throughout the hike zulu and I had a snowball fight while running up and down the hills. (I think it ended up coming to a draw in the end) It feels good to get exercise.

In the evening my brother and his wife and son came over for dinner and we planned the meal we're all making for Mother's day.

This was a nice relaxing weekend, because it felt long and I accomplished stuff!

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